The gentleman/lady’s fitness watch

This is what I needed those heart rate formulas for (in another thread).

I really like blue and gold combos and not always black and gold.


Nice, blue and gold go together really well - I’ve usually used black and gold but i have a dark brown and gold one in the pipeline. But I must say yours is pretty cool


I like the style and coloring (blue is my favorite color), but it has some little details that would deserve little more attention.
Maybe small typo and easy to correct, where at 35 minutes is a 45 mark.
Then there is the BPM scale for range of 140 divided into 10 marks, which gives an odd interval of 14.


Peter you are so good at spotting those Numeral Errors . Good hunting .


This looks very nice, good job :+1:
As Peter said though, the 45 should be a 35, and your BPM Gauge does look strange, going from 50-190 in 10 segments :thinking: I assume the 02324 is Steps, but maybe use some icons to let people know.


I don’t know what you are talking about, I clearly see a “35”.

Just kidding. Thank you for spotting it - I can’t believe I missed it myself. :slight_smile:

The heart rate scale is the way it is since I asked AI for a general low hr and what would be a hypothetical high hr. I added in the numbers based on the what the heart rates are at those dots (at those angles) in Creator. The text would have been too small to add all the numbers. Also: this scale makes my own heart rate look better when it isn’t always on the “right” side.

I didn’t put any conditionals so the heart rate hand can go outside the scale. If it does I suggest it is time to contact a doctor. :smiley:

Oh and a definite “no” on icons. I want to keep it simple and clean. The description tells people that it is indeed steps.


Now the heart rate scale started bothering me too so I changed it.

I guess it would be wise to first ask people on the forum to test new faces before publishing.

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