The Heart of Beauty

I ask someone to test the correct operation of this face. For some reason my watch doesn’t sync with the sonar sensors. Heart Rate is not showing. I want to make sure this works on other watches.

Thanks in advance for screenshots, answers.

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Name and model of your watch?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

This is what it looks like on my ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra:

But not sure what you mean with Sonar. If you mean the WiFi level, then it does not show on my ticwatch, because I have an iPhone. With iPhone and WearOS you cannot get WiFi data and cannot get the battery level of the phone.


@rosaliaoch & @tom.vannes
Just a heads up, the WiFi on Facer WILL NOT show unless you turn off Bluetooth and force it to use WiFi only as the link. Only then will it show the WiFi signal strength. I found that out by accident.


On my ancient gear S3 heart rate works. I had no idea there could be any sonar sensors on watch.

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Thank you!

Thanks for the screenshot! I saw what I wanted! The heart rate sensor is working.

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Thanks for this information! I didn’t know it worked this way.