The No Tell Motel Watch Face

After you have stayed too late at The Jazz Hop Cafe (MAG 1515) you can always get a room at the No Tell Motel MAG 1516 This one also has a working moon phase element.


Awesome idea, and I like how the moon phase element is part of the background drop!
Nicely done =)


Nice work Sir :+1:

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I really like your way of thinking with your designs @mrantisocialguy

You use different places and energies, for different ways of thinking and people’s psychologies … (Very good thinking effect)
Well, this is another point of view, from my part …

Now I tell you another point of view as a designer :wink:
I really like the design and the night you used for this hotel … and also with the living moon …
(and I also really like the range of blue colors it has … for that hotel night …)
Very good design @mrantisocialguy !!! :cowboy_hat_face: :dizzy: :muscle:
I congratulate you, I like it a lot

Me gusta mucho tu forma de pensar con tus diseños @mrantisocialguy
Utilizas diferentes lugares y energias, para diferentes formas de pensar y psicologias de la gente …( Muy buen effecto de pensar)
Bueno , esto es otro punto de vista, de mi parte…
Ahora te digo otro punto de vista como diseñador :grinning:…Me gusta mucho el diseño y la noche que utilisastes para este hotel…y tambien con la luna viva… :wink: :+1:
( y tambien me gusta mucho la gama de colores azules que tiene…para esa noche de hotel…)
Muy buen diseño @mrantisocialguy !!! :cowboy_hat_face: :dizzy: :muscle:
Te felicito , a mi me gusta mucho