The right way to get back Companion app

Problem: Unable to get the Facer companion app back on the watch. Usually because you go to a banned country.

I have the worse situation on planet earth, That is getting my watch back working while within China. So I have figured out how to do this. Samsung is the main culprit in this, but Facer is also stinkers about their app. If you follow this , it will get Companion back on your watch.

Remove your phone sim. And reboot
Restart and connect phone to Wi-Fi WITH VPN SERVER IN THE USA.
Clear the Wearables app AND Facer data from your phone.
Open Wearables app and connect your watch. Close app.
Open Facer and go through the new setup by 1st clicking install companion.
It will think your are in the USA and the Galaxy store will open right to the Companion app.
Log into your Samsung acct and install! Done deal.
Finish by putting your sim back and reboot your phone.

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Hi there!

Sorry about that - note that we added a direct link to re-install the companion app in the app settings of Facer. You can download the new version from Google Play today - it’s v5.1.23.

Based on what you are describing, it appears the issue is that you are trying to get the Facer app while in China and that Facer isn’t available there? I can check to see why it’s the case - we should be able to offer it in China.

I will upgrade. But keep in mind this is the problem with reloading the Facer companion app to my watch. NOT the phone app!

plz can you provide alternative link of facer companion app for samsung galaxy watch 3 before 26 January 2021 it was available on galaxy store i try download companion app fro Galaxy store error pops up saying it is not available in your country

Hello, having the same problem, cannot download the companion app from the galaxy store, message:
“This app is no longer available for purchase or is not supported in this country.”.
Im from Bolivia.