The sideload on my Moto 360 1. gen stops at the last step!

The sideload on my Moto 360 1. gen stops at the last step,-
look at the screenshot!
I guess, I made a mistake by writing the last line!?!
Maybe the path to the APK is not right?
I stored the APK`s in C.\adb
I was following this instruction on XDA: adb -s localhost: 4444 installiere -r pachagename.apk


Wait, you’re loading an illegal clone from ApkMirror and asking for support here?

I didn`know, that it is illegal!!!
And where I can get a legal apk?

Any APK not from the original developer is a fake and probably contains a virus. Sideloading will not solve your problem, use the developer’s recommended installation instructions.

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Thanks for the information!

But where I can get the recommended installation instructions from the developer?


I have a Moto 360 1. gen and so it`s working with Android Wear 1.5!
We only chance to use Facer is by sideload!!!

Have you had the Gen 1 since it was new? I’m surprised that the battery has lasted. :open_mouth:

Yes, but I replaced the battery :laughing:

I’m impressed! As far as the software, if they don’t get you one way, they will find another way to make it obsolete. :roll_eyes: