The Steel Balls Tell The Time

I have seen a video of a desk clock that worked like this and thought I would make my own version in a watch face. MAG 1520

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Not sure what to make of this one sorry Rusty :thinking:

The real one is a desk clock. It has steel balls just moving around like the hands of a clock. It has magnets behind the face of the clock that keeps the steel balls moving in the proper place. That is what I am going for. Using steel ball pictures to be the hands of the analog watch face. I did it more as challenge to myself to see if I could make it work than anything else.

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Interesting idea, but I think it would be better as a desk clock. But hey you made it work


I’ve seen watches like that as well. Balls of steel rule! :stuck_out_tongue:
You should make the individual balls “roll” (check mine to give you an idea)…

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I thought about that except the image I used had a bright spot on it so I kept them in the same spot so it would look like a light shining on them from a fixed position. All I’m going to say is you have to have a lot of balls to make a watch face like this…which is a reuse of a quote from a couple of American (shock jock) disk jockeys named Bob & Tom.