The TAG # DHZ # does not seem to allow users the 12/24 Hr choice

It often happens to me to set the hour time to two fixed digits due to graphic needs. To do this I use the TAG # DHZ #. However, it seems that this function blocks the possibility for users to choose the AM / PM display Hr; I have received several reports on this. Is there a way to set the hour time in two digits but guarantee the possibility of choosing the time display with 12/24 Hr mode to users?
Thanks a lot!

If you use two elements, one with #Db# with the Opacity of $#DTIMEFORMAT#==12?100:0$ and the second element with #DHZ# with the Opacity of $#DTIMEFORMAT#==24?100:0$ it will fix your issue. By using #DHZ# you are forcing the watch to use only 24 hour time.

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Thanks so much for the tip. I understood the problem, as soon as possible I try to apply it in tests and I will let you know if I was able to apply it.
Tanks, see you

Hi, I just finished testing your suggestion and it works great. In copying the two formulas I eliminated the spaces, otherwise they did not perform the test correctly.
Thank you so much for helping me.
See you soon.


I’m glad it worked out for you! But now I’m a bit puzzled, I didn’t put any spaces in those expressions. As a matter of fact I copied and pasted them directly from my notes that I use building faces. The Facer Community message board must have automatically done that…

Hi, in fact I noticed that even in the support pages where all the TAGs that can be used are listed, they are shown with spaces between the # characters that actually must be removed. This can initially lead to confusion in correct use.
Thanks again for the help.