The Top 100 Watch Faces - indexing issue

@Facer_Official. @Facer-Staff,

I can currently see one of my watchfaces, that has only 5 syncs, at rank 63 on the FREE rankings.

You may have an indexing problem.

And this one with 3 syncs:

Could it be because the list has only just reset for the week?

I see from out of nothing my Underwater Replica in the top 100… @68… no biggie but it seems this time the top 100 is based on color or smell, not on sync’s :slight_smile:

This page is re-indexed each week. You may have caught it early on.

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That’s what I suspect. Lol @UserUnknow though, ‘best smelling face ever’

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Hey guys!

The top charts are indeed reset every week and you may see some faces shifting in ranks very quickly in the early hours after the reset.

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