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Hello, recently I was playing with the themes and stumbled on strange thing. There are faces that allow color change, but they are free. How is this possible? When I added color theme feature, the face was automatically premium. Can somebody please enlighten me? I would like to make my colorable faces free too.

This made me wondering if even other pro features could be found on free faces.
Also found two free specimen of “interactive” (only link to follow their pages)

and one with stopwatch

and another with complications

how can I do this?


Sadly I can not privew these on my Tablet. Too Much Data. I will have a Look on my Laptop soon. I Wonder how you managed to find those examples. There are wrinkles in the Facer system it is assumed Facer just leaves to assist developers interact. I think you are finding them all.

I Think some go Premium for a month and make Themselves a load of Templates they can use after they have stopped paying the Subscription.

I just opened random face that had the feature and clicked its icon and it serched for faces with that feature. Then checked those with blue sync button.

I doubt this. Tried it my self, didnt work back then :slight_smile:

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Ahh . Filtered search . Well thanks very much . Might look out another free Chrono . I did wonder about the Templates thing . I don’t want to work with Variables for a month then lose them :::)))

I don’t know about the free color theme situation, but with the free chrono: MVMT is actually a maker of physical watches with commercials on TV. They are a “brand partner” with Facer – which I believe means MVMT pays Facer. If that’s the case, that’s how their chrono is free: MVMT pays for it. I looked at a couple other brand partners, including Maurice Lacroix, and same thing: free chrono.


This is an interesting topic.
please let me know if there are clear facts. :wink:

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I did see that pogging arround on the Face took me to another stie. That Makes sence.