Theme color changer

Hello ,

I was trying to change the theme color in design creater i have the premium , but its always gray or black by default and it not allowing me to change it ,

Sorry for the maybe silly question, but have you chosen the elements you want to be part of the theme colors? Selected the brush?

Screenshot 2022-07-14 at 09.28.57

Only then, you can select a color and chose a default one.

You can have a look at my face to see how it is done.

What i am trying to do is on the apple watch faces is there is a way to change the full theme color like the background of the design am creating if i want ??

Ah, sorry, I do not have any experience with apple watches…

In the PRO creator it is possible to turn on the theme colors even on face for apple watch, but sorry, I have no idea how it works on the app on iPhone.

I dont think you can change the theme on an apple watch design. I cannot confirm 100%.