These are my studies

Iā€™m using google translation do not look at my english is not so good.

thank you everyone and everyone who uses. :slight_smile:

Nice ones, all of them, my favourite is No.1 due to the great animations!

what a chance I have read your article about being a premium designer. I always thought you were a premium designer. you have very beautifully designed clocks. I did not notice your premium designers. hopefully you will be attending the premium designer caravan you deserve.

What chance do you you have to become premium designer? Well, time will tell and how much people like and sync your watch faces. If you are well appreciated some of your faces will be featured by the facer editoral team and brought to the cover (this brings far more syncs). And then, some day, when your watchfaces are widely appreciated they will ask you (and you should make a request)

I got my premium invitation last week (very glad about it).

In my opinion you have a chance,

BTW: Thanks for your nice words regarding my work.