Third attempt at this face

Hi guys this is my third and probably my last attempt at this design as before i still would not like to release it even tho all the gfx and work are my own. Note the bisgest change in my mind for this one is the escape gears as they now work they rotate on themselves and rotate on the middle and rotate on the center of each torb

Oh and click the center to reveal the whole design

comments and opinions very welcome


Nice design. Like the way you manage the shadow when opening !

Yer I like that, not that keen on the hands though, they tend to blend in to much making it hard to see them. I DO like the way it opens . That is very impressive

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That is very impressive work, I tend to agree with @borgcymru, the hands need to stand out a little

Nice, but as already said by @borgcymru the hands blend in with the background.

Yeah, the hands are the weak links in this otherwise topnotch design.

Thanks Guys for your comments i have changed the hands and added some other gfx please re check and tell me if thats better

If I can be honest, I would do away with the cover. The design underneath is awesome and the cover hides its beauty. The cover also makes it more difficult to see the hands.

Perhaps not do completely away with it, but when it’s fully open maybe it could actually be fully open, as in not showing the cover’s shadow on the left side, so people who like the cover, or the interaction side of it can still enjoy it, and people who just want to see the workings underneath can do so as well :v:

By the way I agree, this is great work! My only peeve is the color of the cover, or the color of the metallic bits on the inside, that clash of materials looks completely off imo… but that’s the only nitpick I have :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok try it now

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Huge improvement imo! Very well done! And now if someone just wants the inner-workings as a watch face, they can :smiley:

Wow! How did you solve that problem with the escape gears???

actually its not as hard as it seems it took me a while to get my head around it but when you stop and think of it as 2 completely separate calculations and then join them together it works.

Created a little demo so you can see it working much better


nice demo. It could worth a tuto on that :wink:

@dazstacey Can you open that for inspection so we can see what you did ?

Wow, that’s technically brilliant! You can tell a lot of work has gone into this.
Very well done @dazstacey

Ok guys people have been asking me for access to the inspection mode and i am very happy to grant that so its now available just to show how the code is fun to mess with i have this demo

Looking forward to seeing what you imaginative people do with this


Very nice! I don’t think I’ll ever be doing something so fancy lol, I don’t think Tizen is ready for so much going on. However the inspection mode is not on, just fyi :v:

Great work @dazstacey, but inspection mode does not seem to be on for either of the demos posted in this thread. Would love to see how you did this :wink:

my apologies inspection mode enabled now