This Face Will Make You Turn Your Head 😆

Was watching a video the other night and saw in the background a old style analog wall clock. What was odd was it was hung at a 90 degree list to the right. Which got me thinking how neat it was in a different sort of way and I figured their had to be a way to do that in Facer, so…

I made one. It’s easier to read than I thought it would be by just holding your arm out straighter than you normally would for checking the time. I will be posting it this coming Wednesday after I make absolutely sure I haven’t made any mistakes in it.


Interesting! I think for me it’s easy enough to read when you’re paying attention. but would throw off the quick glance to check the time. Longines has a watch where the dial is rotated maybe 30deg. The idea is I guess that you don’t have to bend your arm as much to have a straight on view of the time. I’ve always thought that seemed pretty cool.

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Pretty cool Mr Anti Social Guy, clever “out of the box” thinking for sure :+1: