This Is An Update To An Older Face I Made

I had a complaint about the UTC time not displaying correctly. It ended up being the text area too small for WearOS watch issue from the past. So I have been updating this MAG 1481. Have I missed anything?

Inspection is on so you can look inside.


I think overall … it looks, good …
When you publish it … I quickly check it, your design on my watch … and I give you some information … :slightly_smiling_face: :writing_hand:

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Your “Trickwatch” looks just fine to me Rusty, nice work :+1:


I have just updated the weather icons to day/night and also the AOD ambient mode to be a negative version of the active mode.


Very nice!


Looks nice! The only thing that’s a little confusing to me is the new moon image (it looks like full moon for me now)
Looking at the other phases I would expect a solid circle:

I see what you mean, I’ll see if I can figure out a remedy for that.

UPDATE: I remember now why I was glad Facer changed the images on the moon phase element. They were hard to make look right on different colored backgrounds, and they walked from left to right because the pictures weren’t lined up correctly. I deleted the original version (old style) and added a new moon phase element. Now I have a black background behind it in active mode to highlight it against the background color.

It looks good now in DIM mode. In active mode I would make a copy with the color set to your background color like so:


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I have to agree, it does look better in the background color. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. It might have something to do with the fact that I’m trying to reprogram one of my Amateur (ham) radios which has to be done manually since it doesn’t support programming software. Very time consuming since it has 200 memory channels that has to be programmed one at a time with frequency, tone codes, offset values for repeaters and so forth ad nauseam… Thanks for the tip!

Myeah, multi tasking is a b***

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Watch face has posted and is available.


Perfecto …Mi Amigo @mrantisocialguy
Ahora lo miro :wink:

This is how it looks in Russia … Your Design :wink:




Thank you J.D. It is very interesting that where it changes the language, it also changes the font.


I guess its just substituting font that supports cyrilic glyphs where they are in localized texts.