This is my first blue marble design

Hi guys need some input as to weather you would add anything more or just release i have not done the dim screen yet ok


Cool idea - I like the animation on the left and the seconds display is interesting. I think overall the face might be somewhat unbalanced - perhaps it might be better with something placed in the gap ( or not - I am a slave to symmetry :wink: ).

Speaking of the seconds display - I assume it is read by looking at the numbers at the 6 o’clock position - is that right?

If so, I think the glow over the lower part of the 10’s dial is making it a bit hard to read - at least it is on my IPAD.

cool thanks yes the seconds are ment to be read from the 6 oclock and i was not sure how to highlight it better any ideas will be greatly apreciated also symitry is my problem as well thats why i dont like this but i cant think how to fill the gap nicely. LOL

You could try placing a pointer at the 6 o’clock position or maybe change the colour of the digits in that position.

ok is that better mate?

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That is much easier to read. Although, the large hub attached to the pointer seems to be obscuring/reducing the visual contrast of the top of the 10’s digits somewhat. I know, picky, picky :wink: