This is my first watch face! What do you think?

Seems pretty easy to make an invisible face…

Maybe you need to buy one of those yellow books…

Thanks for the feedback. I was going for a simple look but ill try to make a more complicated one next. :slight_smile:

Opps… You were right i forgot to add the watch face to the post my bad. :sweat_smile:

Well now we can see it so nothing bad happened :slight_smile:

My opinion is that it’s a bit messy, like you did trow some options to the screen and see if they stick.
And more important, you did not do anything original, not something that make your design stand out from the others.

Many people focus on adding as much things to an face as possible and forget it also will be nice if you have something to look mat when you use the face… If you are happy with it great, i’m not sure if this is a way to get many syn’s but most important is that when your happy with it it’s always good !!!

I never really care what other think of my designs so don’t listen to much to my opinion… But i’m a fan off anything that stand out from the crowd… I made a few faces with no hands but other elements to tell the time… those designs don’t get you much sync’s but I always think they are awsome :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for letting me know what you think.

Its a nice, simple, clean design. I like it. Good work.



Considering this is your first attempt I wouldn’t be to worried about how complicated it is. A lot of people like and go for the minimal style. You learned some good basic knowledge of the creator and even made a curved battery meter. That’s moving a bit away from beginner. I think that’s a win, great work! Keep it practicing and having fun facing and I’m excited to see what you come up with next


well said and I agree with syntaxracing. for a first go, it’s wonderful. you’ve learned some tidbits and it’s seamless without unnecessary cropping and is actually easy on the eye. your ability to design and layout seems robust and I think as you develop your toolset further your watch faces will only become more complex and unique.

keep at it, and good job!

(also don’t listen to the negativity from that one mean troll – art is fairly subjective (to a certain degree), so, what one user might not like, others will)


Take @syntaxracing advice. He’s a professional and very good at this. It takes time and you will learn a lot from theses guys. And Gals!! Just keep practicing.


Thank you that means a lot coming from a premium designer.

What do you think of this one? I went for a different style.

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You definitely went for a different style this time and you nailed it! This isn’t the first time this concept has been done but you executed it flawlessly. My favorite type of face to make is a realistic looking 3D face. Anytime you can trick they eye into believing a 2d object looks 3d is brilliant work. I can see you are learning fast.


I LOVE this one !!!

That was exactly what I was talking about of making something out of the ordinary !!! I’m pretty sure you have a lot more talent then I have!!! (I’m more of the idea’s not the real work :P)

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This looks great! I have one that is based on the same design :slight_smile: If you want to take it to the next level, some shadows and dynamic lighting on the metal balls would really make it pop. Keep up the great work!


Thank you all this means so much to me


Good and original work deserve compliments :+1: I say what I think if I like it I make a compliment if I don’t like it I also tell it… not all like that but that’s how I am… I used for my design with balls as hands just “ball-bearing” balls, found a lot of them as transparent .png … they look awesome and will make them look like roycaruso suggested…

Feel free to look at my design and use from it what you like! (if there is something usable) I might be a Troll but at least a honest one :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the good work !!

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Very nice and sent it to my watch :wink:


Thank you :smile:

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