This is my latest design

Hi everyone tell me what you think of this design


I like a lot of it, specifically the 3d depth effects (flare, 3d text, shadow).

I would suggest possibly moving the flare a bit further from the second hand though as it becomes fairly noticable. Instead of being a passive effect, my eye keeps bouncing between the second hand and the flare if that makes sense.

Also, I’m not sure but the gear in the bottom left seems off… look at the bottom of the casing that houses the gear. The gap changes in size.

Finally, I’d try adding a gradient to the background since everything else has some depth tricks applied to it. While you don’t want to suggest depth, it being solid feels off to me.

Either way, again nice work, these are just my personal thoughts feel free to ignore :smiley:

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Thank you so much for your input i have taken your advice and added a slight gradent to the main face and well spotted with the gears i had not lined them up correctly something i normally do at the end but forgot this time… The flare and the Shadows will be working from the watch Gyro in the final version so i know as it stands its on a boring repeat but that should be sorted when its finished… Thanks Again.

Very Nice! I like the depth and animation!

Wowwee!! Me likey.