This is my Second Face

Lmk what yall think also my first time posting


Welcome to the forum, and I hope you’re having fun designing faces. Since design is completely subjective, take all this with a grain of salt, and ingest or ignore whatever you want. Its your design afterall…

  • The red circle on the right. There’s absolutely no indication of what this represents. If you put it with the step count, you might reasonable come to the conclusion that its a step goal, but its nowhere near, and not even the same colour. I’d be more likely to think it had something to do with the heart rate if I hadn’t gone into the inspector mode.
  • Although tempting to put the hands behind everything, its not typically how real watches work, and so it looks a bit weird. The up side is that it makes everything easy to read.
  • The position of the heart rate looks a bit random.
  • The ticks need something on the hour marks.

Again, its up to you how you design your faces, but I would put a more mathematical/grid like positioning on the objects.


Thank you, I’ll definitely go back and make changes. I really appreciate it.


Welcome here … Must say you came to the Best Forum … Lots of friendly Folks and helping Hands … Have Fun here

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Thank you !


Yes, welcome to the Community @tylernewellucc simply THE best Watch Face Community there is.
I totally agree with what @richiebee said above: try to keep things relevant, together, like having your little Steps Icon actually with the Steps Count (maybe inside the Progress Ring), but I like your funky colour scheme, maybe all the Text could be a bit bigger though, between 18 and 22 is usually good, and your little Steps Icon needs to be bigger as well, it’s getting lost as it is. Still a cool design, good colours as I said, so keep it up, I’m sure you’ll soon producing lots of wonderful designs, and probably giving us all ideas as well :grinning: :+1:


Thanks again! And your absolutely right! I’ll get back to editing


Hi and welcome to the community. It looks like you’ve already gotten some great constructive advice. Keep it up! The work is very rewarding.


It is learned so much in such little time.

But you’re not making any changes to these Faces or your latest one, in which we can’t see much at all besides the Minute and seconds Hands :thinking:
Sorry, but I give up, it’s like we’re all wasting our time advising you…

My apologies

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