THis is the next one in my london watches

Hope you like it any suggestions before I publish would be greatly received



Tickmarks maybe? (I know it doesnt have large hands but some light gray tickmarks around the outer edge of the face might give it a nice balance.)

Very cool. I agree with @Rator could use either tick marks or a subtle background pattern and maybe add some elements to the Dim mode. Other than that its really nice!

Thanks made some changes see what you think

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Well done on another attractive and intricate design with wonderful movement. :+1:

Nice design! agree with @Rator and @dubblebee Vayder .

You sound very professional, first comment and such a accurate advice.

Thank you! This place is great, someone is always around to help and offer suggestions, assets and assistance freely.

Not sure if it’s meant to be so, but I see the left and right next to the month dial the percentage floating above the analoge indicator. Perhaps that could be removed so the face looks more authentic.
The rest of it looks absolutely stunning!