This just happened :'(

I have a Pebble Steal I can ship you! Haha! I’d go with S3 but I’ve been wanting to get one of the cheap wear OS knockoffs to “logic bomb”… Could be a fun project.

Samsung S3 Frontier here.

Good points: It’s a solid and responsive OS, I love the bevel ring, it has decent battery life (when tuned a bit) and it looks good with most outfits. Also: Samsung Pay is [curseword] awesome! Works well in most places I’ve tried (which is in Sweden only, so far).

Bad points: It’s not as minimalist looking as I’d like and it has a a poor amount of good apps.

In retrospect, maybe I should have gone for a watch with Googles OS on it, but I can’t say that I’m disappointed in my purchase in any way.

I found both the Frontier and Classic S3 refurbed on EBay for around $170. I think I’m going Frontier.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch Verizon 4G LTE Silver
$161.49 with eBay Coupon Code PMAY4TH

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier SM-R765V Verizon Smartwatch Large

$169.95 with eBay Coupon Code PMAY4TH

Just ordered the S3 Frontier.

Good choice! Both are great watches…

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good choice congrats!

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Finally got it in.

A few quick questions, since they didn’t send any instructions along with this. Does StayLit Wear work on Tizen? Also do Wear 2.0 complications work on Tizen?


Looks good!
Not aware of any app like StayLit on Tizen but maybe there’s something out there!
For complications, they’ll default to whatever the designer picked in the Facer Creator on Tizen watches.

Very nice watch!

Nice… lookin’ good :+1:

I need some recommendations for watch bands. I had 4 for my huawei. They don’t fit on my new S3.

Some examples I typically go for:

Nice recommendations. I went ahead and place an order for this one:


Good choice!

Now that you have been using this new watch for awhile how do you feel about it? I’m looking to upgrade my equipment in order to produce the best possible faces I can. That includes having a better watch to test on. I’m guessing the Ticwatch will help in that department but I was thinking of getting one of the most popular watches to make sure that all my faces look and run great. What are your thoughts if you don’t mind me asking?

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If I had to choose again. I probably wouldn’t do Tizen. The main thing I like is the battery life over my original Huawei. The Tizen skin and restricted apps have been a pain.

So sorry this happened. On a good note, today all stores have fathers day sales, I know the Samsung sport is only 199 at Costco and if you have a best buy near you, their weekly add just came out today and on front page has smart watches on sale of all kinds. Maybe you can find a great deal on one.

I purchased the Ticwatch on prime day. I’ve been pleased so far. Battery life could be a bit better. I think I get a day out of it.

My condolences my friend

Can I ask which one? Ticwatch S, E, or Pro?