This may be the dumbest newbie question ever haha

I have searched and just can not find the answer. Is there a way to align an element to another element or the background. Thank you

I don’t quite understand what you want to do to give yourself an answer.
Do you have an example of what you want to do?

like when i create an element how would i say make sure it is aligned with another element

Do they mean something like that.
Date and time move together around the moon in the middle?

No. If i make an element how do i align it lets say the exact center of the watch or the edge of the watch or align it with another element. snap to grid doesnt really seem to align to other elements

I always align using the X and Y properties in the Layer Properties. I know that the centre point is at 160. If I want to align one item with another, I just make a note of the X or Y properties and change the second one to match. Not sure if there’s an easier way?


Welcome @dragon2777. If you possibly can make the center of you your images where the center of the watch display is. As @richiebee you can then position them by changing the numbers in the X Y Tag boxes. Later on you can learn to put maths there if you want to move them around off the center. Oh what Fun. I often plonk an image in a Hour Hand Layer for example and then play with the Tag Maths. That also means you can simulate Rotation with the Time Machine Slider.
Sorry I cannot send a screen grab I am not on my Laptop at the moment. Supposed to be working.

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yeah i figured out 160 is center and have been using that thanks. related question is there a way to select multiple elements to move them at the same time.

yeah i am learning that its basically all manual and math. not too much of an issue just wish there were align tools. been watching tutorials and such. i come from a more “normal” programing background so im used to doing things like “element.positionX=contentView.centerX” things like that. thanks


Ha Ha. Yeah l find the syntax on Facer very Strange. I am a BASIC man myself but made the transition to C++ for some basic switching stuff.

There is a alignment tool for images I think. I always work from the center. You can Also drag elements around the screen if you can grab the handles. You get a stupid amount of decimal points doing that. I find putting the numbers in manually and sometimes tweeking them by 0.1 works best for me. When you get into Sin and Cos in the X and Y boxes it will all become really clear. If you have done any coding it will help you get on all be it a little frustrating. What ever you do Enjoy.

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Welcome to the Facer Community @dragon2777 THE best Watch Face Creating Community there is, and as you’ve already found out, there’s lots of helpful people here, and plenty to learn. I’ve been here some time now, but am still a relative noob, and LOADS of guys have helped me out all along my journey here…thanks everyone :beers:

and to answer that one: no there isn’t :frowning: