Thoughts, Ideas, And Opinions Please

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :slightly_smiling_face:Good morning! icrltd4

Always with all my respect, my comments …

For me, it lacks a touch of something … it may be the yellow color … I see it, as not real … with the marking of the forms for the time
The second good idea, and with the little red lights the design looks interesting …

But it seems to me, that you could make the design better … Shades Of Gray 2 … This face design is perfect, nice job…cool :trophy: For me, at first glance … it has a sporty touch with respect to football …

For my point of view … very cool !!! :100: :ok_hand:

Cordially! JDCardozo

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Hi, its nice and it surely finds some fans, main thing is, that you like it. Yet I can tell you, why I personally would not use it.

  1. while I like light dials on mechanical watches, on smart watch they are not OLED friendly/energy saving, especially in always on (dim) mode, where this one is even brighter, missing the darker hour marks.
  2. I do not understand the second scale divided into 20 parts. I do not say its bad, but not very readable for me.
  3. It is very common on hybrid watches, yet I do not like redundant information, like analog and digital time combined.