Three rotating dials

I am trying to make a watch face that consists of 3 dials that rotate about the center point.

I can get the hours (bottom) dial and hand to rotate but I am struggling to place the other two dials and get them to rotate.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Why don’t you want to use the same formula but with a different diameter and speed?

First off, a little tip: there is a rad(degrees) function to convert degrees to radians, so you don’t have to divide by 180 and multiply by pi, you can do sin(rad(#DWFMS#)).

Assuming you want them rotating at the same speed, just move each dial 120 degrees by adding 120 to #DWFMS# in 1 dial and 240 in the other (so sin(rad(#DWFMS#+120)), etc)

Here is an example with inspection turned on: