Ticwatch and Facer

Does anyone have TicWatch by Mobvoi? I got one and it looks great. Got Facer app on it and got a few faces that look really cool. However, since these 4 faces I seem to be having trouble sending more faces to my watch. Everything is on, like Bluetooth and WiFi… And there’s a face I liked since my Samsung gear s2 and I can’t transfer it to my watch… No idea why it doesn’t update more faces! Facer is on and nothing… But I got 4 faces before! Any thoughts?

I use a TicWatch S2 for testing my watch faces. I am sending faces to it all the time and not having any problems. Are you using an iPhone by any chance. I’ve read on here where you have to turn Bluetooth off with iPhones and sync faces using WiFi to get reliable results.

As I mentioned in my first message, I am using Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro. I get daily Facer spins to get new faces and it works in my watch.
But for the life of it, anything I try to send from my phone Facer app (through Wear OS) to my watch just doesn’t sync.

Hi @lunarpeople

I have a TicWatch Pro 2020 and i have never encountered the issue that you are complaining about.
I upload all the faces i want from my phone app. My Phone is Huawei P10 lite.
Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling Facer?
Good luck

Hi, at this point I have no idea how to deal with Facer app! It’s installed on my mobile huawei p30 pro and I had it installed on my TicWatch Pro. There was no communication at all. Note : my watch does communicate with Wear OS app on my phone! However it’s not the case with Facer.
Facer app works on my watch! It gets daily Spin tokens and I can use the faces. However, it’s just a watch app. I know it doesn’t connect with my phone, because I have a Premium account with Facer, which allows for limitless daily spin tokens (for instance). Facer on my phone has 5 spins…
I have a feeling that it all has to do with this FACER WATCH COMPANION APP. Where and how to get it, god knows! I didn’t have to use any of this with my Samsung gear s2 classic.
I have no issues with Mr Time app and I’m able to send faces from it to my watch(Mr Time app is simply installed on my phone and watch) .
I have NO communication with Facer though!
So, is the issue this Facer Watch Companion app!? Can anyone help with it?

It sounds like you need to get help from @Facer_Official on that one, you can contact Facer Help Request at: Submit a request – How can we help? or email them at: facer-support@little-labs.com