Ticwatch Contest Submission and Face Naming

Hey @Facer_Official,
Just some questions - maybe I missed this…

When we build faces for the Ticwatch contest, are they to be exclusively assembled in the Ticwatch Creator? Or build them in the regular Creator but PUBLISH them from the Ticwatch Creator?

Also are we naming the faces? There doesn’t seem to be a provision to name them in the Ticwatch Creator. Again, name them in the regular Creator and Publish from the Ticwatch Creator?


Can’t you name it when you publish?

ah not sure - didn’t get that far yet.

If you published @eradicator09, did you build the whole thing in the Ticwatch Creator? or in the regular Creator?


No, I published in creator and then republished in ticwatch creator. That was one of my curiosity questions. Can we essentially republish all our designs in the ticwatch creator to ‘pad’ your chances?

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm also a good question…

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