TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra Phone not supported

There is a phone app on the watch but all of the facer faces that I try say “PHONE is not supported on this device” when i click on them. no way to change the app it’s looking for either. Any ideas, or is this just a bug I have to deal with.

I should mention that my watch does in fact have a phone app. i can make calls from it without any problems.

I don’t have a TicWatch Pro 3 but the Phone App launcher on my faces seems to be working ok ( Tizen based Galaxy Watch with Android phone ). If you post a link to one of the faces you have tried that is not working for you I am happy to test it to see if it might be the face. That might help narrow it down a bit.

Oh, and are you using an Android phone or IPhone?

I’m using a Pixel 6 Pro as my phone and i’m trying out the RZ274 watch face.

And the watch?

Sorry, of course you said.

The Phone App launcher on the RZ274 face is working ok on my Galaxy Watch. If you have not already done so I think it would be good if you could raise the issue in a new support request to the Support Team. If it is a bug on the Facer side then they will want to know so they can fix it and if not then they might be able to help if it is some sort of configuration issue on your watch/phone.

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I am also having the exact same issue

Did you ever get this issue worked out I’m also having this problem with my watch