Ticwatch PRO Contest >>> ASTROtext

this one is for the new Ticwatch Pro Contest… I am looking for something different in a “one-night” job.
I hope you like the result!


Nice touch on the little person dropping and walking the wheel!

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I would like to elaborate the animation… walking until 10’000 and then running o something like that.

I really like the originallity in this design with the way the hands operate but toned down colors. Well done!

Thank you for your words: It’s hard to find something new and for the minutes hand, for example, I am not fully convinced about the “shortness” because it makes me confused due it is not usual but I am happy that you like it

You’re welcome. Yeah I see what you mean and you could make it thinner and longer however I feel then it could look too close to the second hand. It didn’t take me too long to figure it out and once you know it’s easy and fun to look at. Not your everyday face and I think the world needs more of these unique faces. It stands out of the crowd.

Great work!