Ticwatch Pro Design Contest Week 1 Theme: ⬛ BLACK​ ⬛ -CLOSED-

Hi there Facer community! This is Mobvoi’s official account, posting to update you guys on the new themes of each week for our ongoing Ticwatch Pro design contest. We apologize for the confusion before where designers had difficulty finding the theme-of-the-week. We will keep you updated not just through our own socials but also through this forum, hopefully making it more accessible for all.

With that said, time to start designing! Enter the contest here.

:paintbrush:Design Contest Announcement!:paintbrush:

Our theme of the week has been released, and for this week, the theme is :black_large_square:BLACK​:black_large_square: Show off your creativity and design away!

Note: Submissions for this week end 16th October 2018 at 2359 (PST)


With there being a weekly deadline it makes it sound as if there will be one winner from each theme, is that accurate?

Hi there @Orakix, that is correct! We will be picking 1 winner from each theme as well as 1 overall creative champion. So there are 5 prizes up for grabs as well as a $300 cash reward for the overall best designer. Cheers!


I just published one, what should I do? do i need to send an email or just waiting ?

If you published it through the Ticwatch creator then it’s already entered. Btw, I checked it out and it looks pretty good, good luck!

Ohh thank you @Orakix I did it from the TicWatch creator. I wish they could take me into account. Thank you for your words, they are quite import for me and I wish you luck as well

You’re welcome, there will be some stiff competition for sure but I think you have a strong entry. I don’t envy the job of picking the winners. Haha


Hi @roy.yan and thanks for the clarification, as well for the theme-of-the-week. Here would be my first try :wink:

Just a question… Ticwatch creator allows premium tools? I mean, are premium designers will be participating with premium watches or the watch has to be free to participe in the contest?
I ask this because non-premium designer have less option to design in that case… Thanks!

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I don‘t know what the other premium designer will do, but i am not using any premium tool. I would find this a little bit unfair.


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Can heart rate tags not be used in ticwatch creator?

Yeah I was thinking the same. So we have to do our best :grin:

Here’s my first Submission to the Contest.


Hi all! here my first design!


Nice work, guys!

Here´s my entry for the “black week”.

Greetings, GAUSS.


Here’s my entry for the “Black Theme”.


Here’s my entry for Ticwatch Pro Design Contest Weekly Theme: BLACK​ :slight_smile:


Here’s my entry 2nd :slight_smile: