Time and date setting on a new design

I’ve just designed my first analogue face and can’t find how to set the hands to the correct time and the date to be the current date.
I’m sure it’s just a newby lack of knowledge, but I’d be very grateful if someone could tell me how to proceed please.

@frostyboy998 check out the #DWF… tags for the hands. #DWFKS# for a smooth moving hour hand. #DWFMS# for minutes, #DWFSS# for seconds. If you want the seconds to step instead of move smoothly then drop the last S: #DWFS#

If you add the Creator’s built-in Date, you’ll get the long-form #DEEEE#, #DMMMM# #DdL# which is the Day, Month, and Date. If you want just the date then delete everything except the last tag #DdL#


Thanks very much for the reply John. I’ll try that later tonight.

jmorga106 I’ve got those tags in the rotation field, but when I send to the watch it shows the random time at which the fingers showed on the PC. the date and time are completely wrong. As soon as I change watch face to someone elses, it jumps to the correct time.