Time does not match hands position

Hi all new here ,this is my problem I made a watch face with my own pictures
Background = ok ,hour hand 960 x 260 pixels ,minuet hand 960 x 76 pixels and second hand 960 x 12
When these are imported they are perfect except one small problem.
The time does not match the hands e.g. If the time is 00:00:00pm then my hands are all
Pointing to 03:00:00. How can I correct this problem as I have tried moving the side anchor point
Witch I can put a hand in the correct position but it stops moving when time is played can anybody help as I cannot find how to fix this thank you
Ghost dog

Sorry about this but figured it out myself.
the problem was
The width was 960 when it should have been the height so basically
The other way around for the png pictures I hope this helps any body that has had my same problem
Thank you