Time Format Tags with String - Capitalization

  1. I’m using the #DhT# and #DkT# tag. The issue I am having is that it is either all lower case or all upper case. There is no way to get the string readout to be first letter capitalized with the rest lowercase.

  2. When using the #DmT# tag, there is no hyphen between longer strings like “forty four”. It should read “Forty-Four”. Same issue with the capitalization on leading letters.


DTIMEFORMAT doesnt return 12 or 24 in numbers?

You’re right. I was thinking of the #DhT# and #DkT# hour string tags for 12/24 hrs. I’ll make the correction above.

I think the default should be in ‘proper’ format with a capitalized first letter, then the user can select all uppercase or all lowercase in the text editor.

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