Time goes anti-clockwise

Here is my latest watchface - Davinci, it’s unique (I think) because everything is reversed and it may be necessary to use a mirror to read. The image is AI based on Davinci’s Petruvian Man and I am wondering if Marvin might be a bit concerned about the image. Anybody have experience with how Marvin treats classical art images?


This broke my brain a bit haha I like the idea, but think I’d struggle with quickly telling the time. Not 100% sure but I believe the Vitruvian man is in he public domain.


I’ve done a few of the “mirror clock” style. I even went so far on one of them to make the two-digit date number backwards also by using pictures of numbers reversed. That was such a pain to make I’ve never done it again. I have to admit the Petruvian Man idea is a good one. You don’t have to worry about Marvin pinching you on this one. I’m pretty sure that image is no longer copyrighted and is in the public domain. Plus, it’s not likely Davinci is going to rise from the grave and send Facer a copyright notice of takedown. :rofl:


I was thinking more about nudity in classical art and using AI images and just as discussion points. How close to a copyrighted image can an AI image be? If for example, I have an AI image in the style of Mickey Mouse - not exactly Mickey but everybody knows who it was, would it be ok to use?

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That is a complex issue, the AI art is not copyrightable at all, BUT if it’s made to look like something that is copyrighted or trademarked then you might have an issue. As far as the nudity I’ve seen some stuff pass that is way worse than yours. Plus, you have the pivot point for the hands in the exact correct spot with that dark cover image to hide the “dangly bits” that could trigger some prude. :grin:

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