Time machine does not work anymore

As a newbie in the past days i played trying to build some watch faces. I used time machine to see changes as days or hours go by. I am referring to battery progress, weather conditions, bpm and so on.
Since yesterday it seems that time machine does not work properly.
Weather conditions, moon, battery progress,bpm does not change changing days or hours. The only things to move and change are watch hands and digital hours.
I tried 4 different browsers ( Chrome-Moz Firefox-Opera-Edge) but the result was the same.
Any idea about this misbehavior? Has something to do with the update?
Thanks if someone can help
My best regards

Click “Preview Tools” in the upper right. You can now use sliders to select your variable.

Thanks for your reply. Now i can see the behaviour of weather bpm and so on. Until yesterday i used the slider at the bottom of the page or the calendar. probably Facer’s stuff has changed this function without warning.
Thanks again
Have a nice day