Time machine not working properly/fluently


not sure if anyone else gets that but this keeps going on for me for many months now:
I am unable to properly test the face’s behaviour in the creator’s time machine i.e. when I click on run it doesn’t really.
Like if I want to see how is the second hand going to act it would either just start trembling in place, or would skip seconds or wouldn’t bugde at all. It starts moving when click on accelerate but that is not good for testing the animations and such.
So the only way to actually test the face is to upload it to the watch and see but obviously it’s not the most effective/comfortable work around.
I mostly use Firefox but also checked it on Edge and now on the Creator for Windows (on the last one it is slightly better but the second lasts two or three seconds there so it’s definitely not the improvement I was looking for).
So any thoughts why the issue or how can this be fixed? Is this happening on my end or is it the application?


Time Machine was running smoothly for me until this morning.

Since the 4.0 update, it’s really choppy for me, too. :sweat:

Working in Facer Creator on Chrome Version 60.0.3112.113

Agreed @pacingpoet about 2 hours ago. Now it seems to be working when you drag the timeline dot.


@Facer_Official, the Time Machine-like 1X/2X/3X Play feature on facer.io also only works in Fullscreen. Second icon on the left: https://www.facer.io/watchface/e3fEAoeEZM