Time machine "reset" button gone?

Looks like there was an update to the creator today that among other things changed the “playback” controls of the time machine. But unless I’m missing something I don’t see a way to reset it to current time. Looks like you forgot to put in a “stop” button like the old controls had.


You have to click again on the play button (blue=ON, Black=OFF)

Thanks, I had figured out that. What is missing is the reset to current time function. In the previous version the stop button served to also reset the time back to current time when pressed twice. Ariel said in the Slack group that he’d see if that could be brought back.

What is wrong with facer? Time won’t stop no matter what I do.

Have you tried click on your watch face in the creator? That usually stops it for sure. You can also stop it by clicking on the blue arrow that is currently making it run to stop it. If neither of that helps then you should email Facer.

I have been using facer for over a year, nothing is stopping the time machine.