Time Of Day Background Change

Just wondering. If you have a Mac you can have a .heic desktop background that changes with the time of day.

Can you do that with the watch background?

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This one changes background based on weather. You can use inspection (rocket icon) to see the opacity expression for each image and modify it based on hour instead of weather for yours:


I think what @rob.fisk is trying to say is, say you have 24 PNG images, then in the opacity box of each image you want in the background insert the following expression:

Where XX is a 2 digit representation of the hour from 00 to 23. One for each image.

If I was to do it, I would do it randomly every time you turn on the watch. That is, say you have 10 PNG images. In the opacity box of each image I would put in the following expression:
Where XX is the unscientifically chosen image number from 01 to 10, and each image has their own number. You can really use any number of images you want here & adjust the expression appropriately.

You can even do it with sequences if you want, by using the X value of either 160 or say 2000, instead of opacity.


Nicely said Brad :+1:
@nickm22 I’ve made some Faces that have different images and/or other elements change at certain times of the day, it’s easy enough to do if you follow @bradtc excellent math above.


That is great stuff bradtc! Thanks. liked and bookmarked!


@nickm22 Welcome. I have one thing to say . Where Did you go .

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