Time tags not updating after 'send to watch'

Just created my first watch face. Use one tag for styled hours, another for differently styled minutes. Push to watch and the times don’t update; they show the time I last edited the text field.

Strangely, while the hour and minute ‘hands’ (rectangles with rotation tags) don’t seem to update, the second hand does.

What am I doing wrong?

watch LG G, wearos 1.5, mac client

Hi! Can you share the link to the watch face? I suspect your text field has the time hardcoded instead of using the time tags maybe?

I typed the time tags #foo# into the appropriate text fields.

The watch may be found at Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more

Many, many thanks!


Your time fields are indeed hardcoded - see below in the “Text” field on the right:

You need to replace that with the appropriate tag. You can see the full list at Tags – How can we help? but in your case, you probably want #Db# for the hours and #DmZ# for the minutes.

Note that your date at the bottom has the same issue.

Hope it helps!