Timex Tide watch

Hello, i am looking hard for a face, where i can read the tide. I do not need the exakt times of the tide. The global tide is changing every 6h 12 min. So if you have a look to the timex tide, you will see a watch hand, what will be every 6h 12 min up or down for highwater and lowwater. This watch hand must be adjustable, because close to coast the times are variable and every 6-10 days it needs some changes.


Manually adjustable? Interesting. Is practical a first adjust to set the tide in your local place then the 6h12min rotation?

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Our tide is not every day the same. Sometimes it is 6h 12min and the next day 6h 25min, then again 6h 8min. Therefore manually adjustable. I don’t need the exact time of high or low water. i need only if the water is running down or up. (i am harbour pilot)
And you’re right, i will set the clock the first time and then it should run in 12h 24 min one time around. This is exactly what the original watch is doing.

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