Timezone #Dz# and #Dzzzz# not working

Hello, I am trying to simply get “CDT” (for central daylight time) to display on my watch face. The #Dz# seems to do this just fine on the Facer design page, and also displays on the preview of my design on the Facer App on my phone, but once it is synced to the watch, the “CDT” is missing. If I add text after the tag, for example [ #Dz# Local ] when synced to my phone it will just say [ Local ] in the location I want. All of my other tags (sunrise, sunset, seconds, utc, etc) all work great. This is the only one giving me problems.

Thank you for any help. And by the way, thank you for Facer! It’s awesome. I love watches and love design, so this is a hoot!

Just started having this issue myself, any word on what might fix it? It was working right up until I upgraded my phone to an iPhone X.