Timezone without Variables or Custom Elements

Hi all!

This is my first post here. And I tried to solve a problem of my work: see all the timezones I need in one face.

I verify some patterns of timezone, include some of issues related to daylight saving, and I got it!

Below are some of my watchfaces to see the timezones of the countries and cities I have to work in my day-by-day:

The inspection is open for the first one:

If you guys want something customized for your needs of Timezone check, please let me know and I can create someone to you!

If you have another suggestions, feel free to reply here!

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You can simplify your time logic, to allow for negative numbers.

eg. (#DUh#-5) => outcome: 0…23 -5 => -5…18

could be:


or (more simply):


Then you may also need to consider ‘Day +/-1’, end-of-month and end-of year logic. Lastly, there is leap-year and calendar logic for start/end of Daylight / Summer Time.

My current testbed, which has addressed most of these issues: (still missing start/end daylight)

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Great Andrew! Thank you so much for the tip! will be very useful!

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