Tizen 4.0 - Battery drain


Two days ago I finally updated my Samsung Gear S3 to Tizen OS 4.0.
I was using Facer without any problems before that update, but now the battery drain is just terrible. The watch will not even last one full day.
I don’t know if anyone talked about this since Tizen 4 came out, but I was just interested, if this is already known issue that is being worked on. Right now, Facer is not usable at all.

Thank you

What‘s the Name of the Update?


This one? I have already downloaded the Update on my Smartphone. But I haven‘t synced it to the watch…

Are there any Changes until NOW? Does it work?

Tizen 4 and Facer do not get along. Used to go to bed with 60-70% battery left after a day and now I have had the watch die or be down to single digit percentage when going to bed…

My version is R760XXU2DSA1.
I uninstalled facer completely and won’t reinstall untill this gets fixed. I love the custom watchfaces but right now, the watch won’t last even 24 hours.

I am not sure that there is a problem with facer and the tizen 4 update. I follow the comments on the play store and there are many people with the same problem. I guess it’s an issue in general. I found an article in the web about the tizen 3 update. There was also a problem with the battery drain.

I am lucky that I have stopped the update due to this topic. I will run tizen 3 until there is a solution.

I used Facer on Tizen 3 and it ran with no problems. I mean, it was always draining the battery, but I could go two days without charging. Looks like old problems popped up with new Tizen. So yeah, I would wait for a while.

I have updated my Gear s3 yesterday to Tizen 4. No Battery drain until now. Everything Works fine.

I am hearing a contradiction the battery is draining but everything is fine. If the battery is draining that everything is not fine. I almost replace my watch battery thinking there was something wrong with my watch. Then I thought maybe just maybe they sure might be the problem turn it off my battery last for 2 days again now

Will just having the app installed kill the battery? It seems be. Anyone!