TIZEN / Gear S2 / S3: New fix for 'stuck in optimizing' issue

Please help … I have no idea what is causing the issue.
The ambient mode useftd to work so awesome just a few days back. And now none of the facer ambient modes works. The ambient mode is broken with half loaded elements and the seconds does not move from the last loaded point. Only when I move my hand to see the time just for a second or 2 it will load a fully working ambient mode and then it shows the normal watch face.

Please solve this issue

I’m having the same problem how did you solve it

i have a gear s3 and they work fine on my watch, however I’m constantly getting feedback saying my faces don’t synch on s2/s3. Seems to be an ongoing issue, hopefully they will resolve soon. the way i solved my issue was to load a non facer watch face and reset my watch by holding down the lower right hand button until it restarts. also reset your mobile app then reload.

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Reset boths Watch and phone app solve this problem for me too.

so… whats the fix, if youve found one then maybe share it

Most of the faces will not load…

The “syncing watchface” makes it 75% around the dial, then freezes indefinitely.

So frustrating… S3 and S8+

I’ve tried absolutely everything.

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Nothing in my favorites box will sync. It goes to the sink process, like others have said, to about 75%. Then it freezes, and goes back to the loaded face.

Hi there! We should have a fix for these issues on S2 and some S3 watches rolling out very early next week. Stay tuned for the announcement!


Since the newest update all faces get stuck just past 75%. Gear 3 / S8+, hopefully you get a fix soon…

Hi, have you tried clearing the cache? If you have then OK, if not then go the the app on your phone in application manager and clear the cache from there and then try again. I use and S3 and a J3 both have latest firmware/software and don’t have any issues loading faces, let me know how you get on

Yes, I have tried the cache clearing, rebooting both systems, uninstall and reinstall of both apps…
Phone: samsung SM-G955U
Watch: Samsung Gear S3
App Version: 3.1.8_1753
Companion Versio4:
Android Version: 7.0

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Also Dim mode doesnt work with Tizen - this kills battery life and is likely putting a large number of Tizen users off using Facer. When will this be addressed?