TIZEN / Gear S2 / S3: New fix for 'stuck in optimizing' issue

Hi guys - We’ve had a few support requests on Tizen about the watchface was becoming ‘stuck in optimizing’ during the syncing process. We understand this must be super annoying! We’ve been looking for a fix for this and now have one that should work for most watchfaces experiencing this issue.

If you’re seeing this on a watchface you’re trying to sync, post a link to it here and we’ll update it!


If you look into my watch box, almost all of the faces there get stuck on optimizing. It seems, the fewer complications and animations there are, the more quickly and with less chance of optimizing sticking there is.
My current watch face loads within 20 seconds.

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These are the Watchfaces who getting in Trouble with my Gear S3

The watch face Cleared to Land by HuppiFluppi will not fully optimize on my Gear 3

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I cannot get any Facer watchface to fully load on my Gear 2. Always gets to 3/4 and stops.

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I can get sync °C or F on my S3 no matter which watch faces I’m using. Even paid ones. Also the 12-24h hour format does not work. Can anyone advise?

Hi @iiwiinl! which version of Facer are you using on your phone? and your watch?


Running v. 3.1.0_1383-(1383) on a Samsung S6


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@iiwiinl! Thanks! What about the companion app on your Gear S3? The latest version is 3.0.8 in the Galaxy App Store.


What you mean with companion app on my Gear S3? How can i see the version of Facer on the gear itself? Can’t find much details on the watch and it seems everything update.

Samsung Gear 2.2.16101261 / Gear S Plugin

I got stuck on my Gear S3/Galaxy S7 edge with this.

Hello Everyone. I just installed Facer and the companion app (latest versions) and I can not get any watch faces to work on my gear S2 3g. All get stuck on optimizing the face. I have tried doing a factory reset on the watch and reinstalling Facer, but I still have the problem. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? ( Using S7 Edge Phone)

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Every one of the watchfaces get stuck in optimization. Gear S2/Note 4

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Having issues with is watch face. Getting stuck on optimizing gear s2 galaxy s5. kevisann - Pip-Boy - configurable v1.7 - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

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Hi! My S2 has trouble with most of the app faces. Today, this one in particular is optimizing so much I can’t even see the face.

Using Gear S2 version 2.2.16121661, plugin
and Samsung S7 Edge Facer version 3.1.2_1502-(1502)


It’s looking like it’s loading okay on my Gear S3. We’ll test on the Gear S2 as soon as we can.
Do you have the exact model of your Gear S2? Is it the bluetooth version or the 3G/4G?

It’s the SM-R730A model