To be or not to be.......a question about formulas

Good morning to all
Sometimes, wondering here and there looking at watch faces i find some interesting face with inspector mode enabled. Looking at it often i find some useful formula/expression/tag that i could use.
From here my ask : Is it allowed to take the formula of another guy and use it, or it is a sort of infringement to some rule?
Thanks for a reply
A good day to all

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Good morning @diavo, if inspection mode is on I think it is safe to assume that the designer is happy to share the expressions they are using.

Thank you for your quick reply. I presumed the same thing, but…i looked for an opinion just to be sure not to be rude or a thief :smiley:
Thanks again

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You are welcome. If you are still not sure, you could always ask the designer in question; either via a priviate message in the forum or by leaving a comment on the particular face if you can’t find them here.


I of course can’t speak for everyone, but when I have inspection turned on for any of my faces you’re more than welcome to borrow any expression you find. The ones I don’t open inspection on are not very pretty on how I made it so it would look like it does. On those I keep it turned off just to avoid the embarrassment of how badly I “Redneck Engineered” the face. :smiley:


LOL. Thanks mrantisocialguy. I suppose that with your confirmation too i can be reasonably quiet.
On the other hand we are talking about formulas, not the design itself.
Thank you
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At my watch faces Inspection mode is always on and, as said before, it means a friendly helping hand for other designer and an invitation to use formulas.

Nevertheless it would be nice and well appreciated if you mention the source designer in the description of your watch face - but it‘s not necessary.

This community here is simply the best i‘ve ever been. Such great people! :+1:

Greetings, GAUSS.


Hi Gauss
Thanks for your reply. As you suggested when i will use a formula of a designer i will not miss an acknowledgment to the formula’s owner,
Thank you and have a nice day