To blue, or not? - and a promo image question

Hey my fellow creatives!

So, I’ve just published the latest Renaud’56 - in black.

2 questions:

  1. Do you think I should do a dark blue version, or is that just milking the design?

  2. I used a Patek Phillip body to showcase the face - I couldn’t resist it… the question: leave it as it looks good, or remove it - I don’t own the watch, nor take the pic… (v.naughty)

Interested in views on both questions, my brothers and sisters.

Let me know, whatever you think




I think it’s looking good, and a Dark Blue should look pretty neat too (maybe even a deep green as well :thinking:), nice work you’ve done there Sir :clap:
As for the pic you’ve chosen to model it with…that looks pretty sharp too, I’d say go with it :grin:


I like its classical look used even on “smart” features.

  1. sure, milk it, even with like red brown and greenish. I would also make a dark hands (maybe even blue ones) and marks on light background (maybe “metallic”). Why not, is there any problem with it? I mean if it looked good, what would speak against publishing it?
  2. its up to you, I would not recognise it, if you did not mention it. The dial would look great even on less fancy body. Are the promo images now allowed even on non premium faces? To me it always asks for upgrade to pro.

I think it would be pretty


I can answer your question #1. I have people all the time after I publish a face ask "can you make it in ______ color? (fill in the blank) Sometimes I get ahead of the questions and just make different colored versions. I even have a collection of analog faces named “Classic Colors”. So yes go for the dark blue and maybe even some other colors.


watch looks good, a little busy for my taste but it blends well. I would try a few different colors and if they look as good then put them up. I don’t consider it “milking” due to if you go to the store they might have several different colors of the same watch, it just gives people a bit more choices.