To copy an existing watch face and make changes

Hey I recently liked a watch face and was unsatisfied with its aod, i did comment to ask if the dev could change it but he refused, is there any way I can copy that watch face to the creator and change the aod alone to my liking from my watch alone

As long as you already have had a communication with the designer, it would probably be best to ask him that question. Otherwise, you would be essentially copying the work of another person and making one alteration - which would not be a good thing to do without permission from the original designer.

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That is a fair point, but I’m going to do it and not publish the Design, i just want it for my watch just for me, is there a way for me to copy the aspects of that face and make my own changes…?, I don’t see such options on the creator

If inspection (rocket icon) is available on the face you like you could look at how it is designed and use that as inspiration to build your own, unique face.
If a disigner has their face inspectable it usually means they want to inspire others but it is always good form to tip them a nod here if you publish, or PM them with a link to your mods if you don’t, just by way of thanks.

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