Today i tried out to design a more minimalistic

…called “GAUSS-Simplex” It´s simple in it´s form with a good readability but complex in textures, lighting and shadows to achieve an authentic look.

I hope you enjoy. Greetings, GAUSS.


Nice! I love me some minimal watch faces!

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Thanks! Which one do you like more? The one with indicies or with the roman numbers?

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I’m a simple man. I’d rather see numbers instead of those 2 options lol, but I suppose the Roman numerals would be my second choice :stuck_out_tongue:

Nuuuuumbers?? :slight_smile: Well, they are clearer for sure but wouldn´t match to this design imO.

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Very nice - I love the textures!

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It looks great ! very clean and nice minimal color accents. Kind of has a little Scandinavian vibe to it :slight_smile: I prefer the indices to the numerals. Numerals busy it it up a little.

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Thanks @kvansant.

Well, you are right but i didn‘t want to achieve this scandinavian touch. I was just playing around with matching forms, sizes and proportions until the design pleased me. It maybe became something in between Skagen and Braun when you want to categorize it.

At first I was going to say Nomos vibe, which I believe is a German maker. Not in a direct way, I mean just the minimalistic character and long straight lines. It’s what first popped in my head, but it’s got your individual influence too. …either way… Looks nice!

I like it as well. It reminds me of Braun watches and the way they style their watches. It seems like you have a similar thought process of design but you add your own items. The only thing I would improve would be to making the roman numerals bigger (or numbers if you choose to add numbers later) and make the complications have a better match with the overall aesthetic of the watch (in my opinion).

Thanks for the tips.

Well, i agree, that the battery complication doesn´t match very good to the rest of the design but i didn´t find a better solution yet. I could create a field with an analog hand on the left or right side but it would influence the clean design as well.

The date complication is fine for me, i only would remove the glass maybe.

Ok - final version now.

-Added new analog battery field on the right side
-Removed the glass of the date field
-Added customization of the deck (tap on date field)
-Added customization of the indicies (tap on the battery field)
-Added lock function (Tap on the GAUSS-Logo)
-Improved dim settings.

I like it and now it all matches perfectly.

What do you think?

Greetings, GAUSS.