Toggle and Increment Var

Hi Facers
New to the community and i may be a little naive but is there anyway to add these 2 codes together on an image opacity?
I will try to explain what it is i am trying to do…
I have a selection of 2 images to switch from one to the other which works fine on the VAR Increment
Image 1 $(#VAR_1#%2)==0?100:0$
Image 2 $(#VAR_1#%2)==1?100:0$
but what i am trying to do is hide both images on the VAR Toggle when it is click
Is this possible?

Welcome to the Community Scott, lots of decent, helpful people here, so I’m sure someone will help you soon (I’m useless at Math sorry lol)

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Thank you so much! KUDOS!

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lucky.andrei to the rescue once again, one of the many very helpful people in the Community Scott

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