[TOMAJA Interactive Watch Face] Triple Color Display

Hello There!

Let`s play around now with this triple color display watch face :wink:

Do you :heart: it?


So cool!

Great work as always Tomas! Keep them coming!

Thank you guys… I am playing with the colors all the time now :wink:

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I am preparing my first interactive watchface at the moment but have to wait a little bit until my premium status is unlocked. Tomorrow i will send the missing documents to little labs …

One question: Do these colour changes as well affect the DIM-Screen?

Let’s celebrate! :wink: CONGRATS! Yeah! :champagne:

The changes are well remembered and stays also during DIM mode… e.g. stoptime at my stopwatch is runnings trought DIM and Active stages as nothing happened…

Can’t wait your first premium watch face :wink:

Thanks a lot. I do my very best to present a nice first interactive one.

But first i will try to find out what we can do with the long awaited feature. You guys already had time to test out…

And i plan to create a special edition watchface when ich reach the 1000th follower.

So much to do, so less time…

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