[TOMAJA Interactive Watch Face] Your Name at Your Watch

Hi There,

I tried now something completely new at the Facer Platform.

Here are the names you could choose from at the moment:

What do you think about such a function? Do you :heart: it?



The idea of personalized watch faces is very nice but remember that facer is used worldwide.

Would be a biig challenge to make a list with all names of all countrys and you will have a lot of work and updates to fullfill single wishes…

:slight_smile: you are really thinking all into the latest detail…

I started now with the most used 40 names in the US to see if there is an interest…


I am german, this is our country attitude…

And i am a real perfectionist as you know.

Often i think too much…and stand in my own way. :wink:

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… well that’s the point - to find the right balance :wink:

I am absolutly with you. That‘s always the point.

I have the same problem. It must be my German genes.
My mother used to tell me, “Stop thinking so much!”

@Tomas, that’s kind of interesting. I don’t know if people would want their name taking up space on their watch if that space could be used for other information, but it’s worth a try to see how many syncs it gets.


Honestly, I don’t like it.

Aside from my name not being there (and you’ll get LOTS of complaints from people who don’t understand it’s not pulling from a huge database) but the fact that you can bump the watch and now you have to click thirty more times to get back to your name.

I’d like to see designers trying something more than the usual color change/item change. Seems like so much more could be done with the tech, but then again end users tend to lean towards realistic designs and probably aren’t interested in that.

EDIT: And just so I’m not all negative, I love the animation for the fitness area. Nice work!

EDIT 2: Digging into the designs so far, it seems like designers are limited to 3 variables. If that’s the case I can understand a little more. Already some of you are doing some incredible work from what little I can see in inspection mode.

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First baby steps, then mastering. We need time to get used to this amazing new feature and it‘s yet unknown possibilities.

Hi @cth4242, thanks for comment. After just one day the syncs are actually more that 10 times higher in comparison to my stopwatch released two day earlier. I try to check the user interest with this kind of unique* watch faces. Sometimes it works, sometimes even not.

Another example was this watch face, I asked how about the interest here in community forum. @eradicator09 answered “I must be brain dead.” :slight_smile: …and well this is my fourth most sync watch face since I design premium watch faces.

But, please do you have a challenging idea, what could (should) be realized?

*at least at Facer

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Thanks Tomas!

I was editing my post when you responded, so I should explain.

I’m doing as much digging for information as I can so I can brainstorm and designs in preparation on the off chance the tools are released to everyone. It seems like you’re limited to 3 variables. By the way, that stopwatch is amazing work and goes far beyond simple launching apps and changing colors. I apologize if I’ve offended your hard work, it’s not my intention.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good idea, but it’s problematic since you can’t lock the name once chosen and the problem will only get bigger with more names.

Either way, from what I can see you can increment variables, toggle them and reset them. There may be more but that’s what’s been explored so far. As far as what could be done, it’s hard to guess without all the information available. I’ll try to brainstorm with what I’ve learned so far from reverse engineering designs.

Anyways, apologies again.

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Hi @cth4242, no problem :wink: I’m really fine with any kind of feedback. I think you are right in many points (another name complains, etc.). Let`s wait some days and the users will decided, if I delete this watch face or I prepare a second one :wink:

Stopwatch was a nice challenge and great training for my brain :wink: